Tapas served at home…!

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Tapas serving at home …!

Wasn´t everyboby in an original Spanish Tapa bar and have swarmed about many small delicacies? Too seldom we allow ourselves one of these moments!

Why we don´t conjure sometimes a Spanish evening at home? There are countless recipes for successful Tapa evening with friends and the family.

And, there is for sure a taste for everybody. Nice arranged and portioned one can serve the single lusciousness in small dishes, plates or on small little boards.

Who would like to arrange now still in the original mediterranean style, reaches rather immediately to olive wood to products. Olive wood dished plates in any size make food to a regular event.

Particularly in trend is the mix from white ceramics and olive wood.The reason is the particularly intensive and individual grain of the olive wood.

The thrilling colour play of the wooden grain shows the noble and high-quality side and allows to state every single piece individually.


An olive wood dished plate, either with a modern smooth edge or also quite natural with bark, is suited perfectly to serve pickled olives, Patatas bravas, dates in the bacon coat or Chorizo.

For arranging Tortilla we recommend small little boards in natural cut.

Their table is fulfilled only by this kind of the presentation from mediterranean mood.

Simply try out…!


Don´t have fear by the use with food. Our olive wood is untreated and has byecause of its course high oil salary in the wood a bactericidal effect.

It is easy to rinse and must be postdried with a cloth easily.

You find other nursing tips also under:


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We wish you a lot of joy while rummage.



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