Loving Sunday brunch

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Our contribution to your cozy and enjoyable Sunday brunch at home, are our Olive wood cutting and serving boards. Not only the eye enjoys the sight of this loving detail, but also your hungry belly after all, you know, love goes through the stomach.

The smooth ground surface is ideal for draping sausage and cheese or for storing additional olive wood bowls in different sizes for jam, butter or fresh cheese. Likewise, there are crunchy pickles or mixed pickles, so that the hearty enjoyment is not neglected.

Surprise the dearest person at your side with a Sunday breakfast brunch, which leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you serve fragrant croissants or sweet pastries, fluffy baguette or rustic peasant bread, our wide range of authentic olive wood boards, available in all sizes and shapes, offer you the ideal base for a romantic Sunday.

Lovely sunday brunch and breakfast with a cutting board out of olive wood

The care of the olivewood cutting board is child-friendly and environmentally friendly. Wipe the live wood surface with a wet cloth (if necessary with a little organic rinsing agent) and allow the heart boards to dry out briefly. Then add a few drops of a neutral oil, such as rapeseed oil, into your hand and rub your olive wood boards around. In the turn of the hand the beautiful warm wood luster returns and likewise the natural wood grain appears again.

The olive wood tea wishes you a breakfast, as it is in beech and of course lots of heartfelt moments with your favorite at the table! Let it taste good and start a romantic and unforgettable day with our incomparably beautiful and natural olive wood products, which we hand-pick for you.


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