Burger Time

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Burger Time

Everybody loves it, everyone eats it ... the burger! The original american burger has now conquered even the smallest corner
of the city. You´re not able to walk down the street without crossing a burger
Because the burger itself is not so difficult to cook, it is a welcome
change in your privat kitchen. All you need is fresh ground beef, tomatoes,
onion, cheese, some salad and of course a burger bun. specially for a barbecue a very fast and uncomplicated food, which brings
all men a smile on their face.   The burger will be served with classic french fries or potato wedges.
Depending on your taste.   But wait ... .there is still something missing! Thus the Burger also is really an experience and all your guests starts
to be astonished you should decide to serve the burgers in a particular
Use an olive wood board instead of an usual dish. The size of
the board does not matter. A tray with juice groove and handle acts
(also good for steaks) or a cutting board in a rustic style with bark on
the edge. You will score points on all cases with any board, even from your guests or
from your family.   For more suggestions on the olive wood products please visit us:

www.olivenholzbrett.com or www.olivewoodbowl.com


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