Mortar and pestles in different forms and styles

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Our wonderful mortars are ideal for grinding , crushing and milling of herbs and spices for fresh salads and curries or tajine

Mortar and pestle out of olive wood

The unique olive wood mortar with pestle is an absolutely unique kitchen utensil and was carved from a single piece in olive wood by hand and will give you many years of pleasure. In all our wood products a brief care instructions included.

The olive wood comes from sustainable forests and is a very hard wood Edeles and that will give you many years of pleasure. Each piece is unique and has a beautiful grain, smooth texture, honey golden color and rustic corners and edges.

Olive trees to be activated on the timber trade, after they bear no more fruit. So set an example in the food production and a perfect synergy between man and nature. Each product is handmade according to traditional methods and high-highest, and finally oiled. So a wonderful piece of nature and example for life.

Each product is unique with stunning grain and rustic corners and edges.

Dimensions: 10 cm - 20 cm diameter. Due to the rustic nature of the sizes may vary slightly.


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