One bowl – al lot of possibilities!

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Olive wood bowls and wooden bowls to fall in love. Enter your sideboard, your display case or the coffee table decorative touches.

Almost every household has a shell. In the kitchen, in the living room as decoration or simply as a practical Ordnungshelfer.

Especially trendy are olive wood bowls made of wood and very specifically made of olive wood.

The reason is the most intensive and individual grain of the olive wood. The exciting play of colors of the wood grain shows the noble and high-quality page of your favorite piece.

An olive wood bowl, either with a modern edge smooth or completely natural with bark, is the all-rounder in terms of purpose possibilities. They can accommodate a variety of fresh fruits and makes them even more to appetite. Enter your sideboard, your display case or the coffee table the last decorative touches.

A very special, but also very popular area of ??application for a bowl, the kitchen. Here you can use the wooden bowl just as a salad bowl! The oil in the salad dressing timber shell gets even an extra portion of care.

Do not be afraid when used with food. Our olive wood is untreated and has by its naturally high oil content in the wood an antibacterial effect. It is easy to rinse and must be easily post-dried with a cloth.

You get the jewel in various sizes from very small, very suitable for dips and finger foods, as well as in sizes up to 34cm diameter.

Your imagination is needed here!

As you can see is a dish made from olive wood, if. In simple form or rustic, in every area of ??your life an enrichment and a guaranteed eye-catcher

Not for nothing is found currently in upscale furniture stores or at Innenaustattern always one or the other product made of olive wood.

See for yourself and visit us at the side or

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